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Jesus instructs Christians to be harsh on themselves if they are to make it to Heaven

The Christian is expected by Jesus to get into heaven at all costs. The impression that Jesus gives is that ┬áthis world is not at all a place of comfort for the believer. There are many verses in the Bible, some of which I shall quote, that talk about being… Continue reading


Be careful of disguised adult content or pornography

Adult content, commonly known as pornography, is not always explicit and if you are not careful you may find yourself participating unaware. The form of participation differs in many ways. Some share indecent photos, others watch it and others talk it. The definition of the word pornography does support the… Continue reading


When the devil provides it hurts

You know how hurt I become when I know I have been overcome by my lust for whatever is worldly. The devil provides, sometimes even when God is speaking audible to you through television, radio, DVD, social networks, etc. You could have switched on the Gospel channel because you feel… Continue reading