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How to know you are about to die

Death is one thing every living person should not have a question about except for one – when will it happen? Ecclesiastes 9:5 confirms this obvious fact. Needless to argue about it, we are all on an impending death list. However, it is normal and expected for the old to… Continue reading


Why does some sickness remain stubborn to prayer even after fasting?

Did you know that sometimes even after long time prayers have been made over some sickness or disease, healing may still not come? Does it then mean that God is not willing to heal us from such sickness? Sometimes such instances break your faith and doubts come to mind as… Continue reading


The thin line between being alive and being dead

If mankind understood clearly the reality of how life and death are so close to each other and their reality, I don’t think people would be living their lives the way they do. I have had a privilege to read a book by Trudy Harris titled ‘Glimpses of Heaven’ where… Continue reading


The deception on healthy living and living longer

Healthy living is good and I believe God supports it as He surely is not happy when we are sick and suffering. This is reveal by Jesus when He healed a leaper. Read the article, ‘Jesus’ will for your health condition’.


6 reasons why it is dangerous to take chances with sin

The Bible teaches everyone about sin and how it is such an abomination to God. Even when you don’t care about Christianity but you must at least know that God cannot tolerate sin. Therefore, each time you commit any kind of sin, whether you do it intentionally or due to… Continue reading


A thought on those that died 24 hours ago and those to die 24 hours on

Late top celebrities

It has been confirmed that death is a continuous occurrence. Countless numbers cross over to the other side of life each day and no man nor anyone can stop it. The World Death Clock Website gives an idea. Its a given, people will continue to die and the big question is,… Continue reading