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The anger side of God

God has an anger side that is not much talked about in Christian circles today. As a matter of fact, Jehovah’s witnesses and many other Christian groups out rightly reject the fact that God can express His anger to His wonderful creation, which is man, to the point of letting… Continue reading


6 reasons why it is dangerous to take chances with sin

The Bible teaches everyone about sin and how it is such an abomination to God. Even when you don’t care about Christianity but you must at least know that God cannot tolerate sin. Therefore, each time you commit any kind of sin, whether you do it intentionally or due to… Continue reading


The fear of the Lord that is lacking (Psalms 112:1)

The Words that are comforting to the believer in this portion of scripture is that ‘the one who fears the Lord is blessed’. Almost everywhere in scripture the fear of the Lord is emphasised. Theme supporting scriptures include Proverbs 1:7 and Psalms 111:10.  These verses tell us, the living people,… Continue reading