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Not all confessed sins or repentance is genuine before God – make sure you do it right!

Unless a man repents, he will perish just like everybody who rejected the warning from Jesus (Luke 13:1 – 5). Some translations refers to these people as those who remain in sin. In this context, Jesus is talking about physical perishing. Jesus cannot lie. If you don’t want to repent,… Continue reading


Confessing your sexual sins to your spouse

Transparency is very important in marriage. Its characteristics include the confession of all sins that can offend the other partner. This is because when people enter into marriage, they make vows that bind one to be accountable to the other. They do so before God and the witnesses of the… Continue reading


Lead us not into temptation – Why it matters

Temptation is terrible because there is always a chance of falling for it and therefore sin against God. It is possible to sin and not offend anyone else but God. Therefore, the one who matters most is He who has a Heaven and power to condemn souls into hell (Matthew… Continue reading