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Living a Double Life is Near You

Jesus does not tolerate people that live a double life and if you hope to see it far from you, take a close look and you might get a shock of your life to realize that you could be a culprit.


The Grace of God for all – Titus 2: 11 -12

Can a person be saved by living an upright life? Not at all. But the grace of God of salvation is open for all people and not only the Jews. Note that this grace is not specifically for other things like prosperity, healing or everything else but salvation. Getting these… Continue reading


Personal benefit of Pursuing Holiness

What would one say about the benefits of pursuing holiness? First of all, how does one pursue holiness? Is it achievable or even worth the effort? The benefits of pursuing holiness, which is basically working at keeping the relationship with Christ healthy, are countless, when in fact it is not easy… Continue reading