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The thin line between being alive and being dead

If mankind understood clearly the reality of how life and death are so close to each other and their reality, I don’t think people would be living their lives the way they do. I have had a privilege to read a book by Trudy Harris titled ‘Glimpses of Heaven’ where… Continue reading


Forever shall they be in the lake of fire – Revelation 20:10, 14:11

Forever is a word that should not be taken lightly because it’s meaning has consequences that no man can change. Once it is written in the Bible as a warning, it should be taken seriously because it shall come to pass. I once asked a pastor as to why should… Continue reading


Watch out for the Dominant Defiling Spirit of Nudity

The Spirit of nudity is prevalent all over the world today and it destroys a Christian’s holiness position. It dominates the world such that anyone can hardly avoid it. It is freely promoted and accessible from almost any bookshop, store, countless websites, in social networks, on television, and everywhere. The… Continue reading