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Confessing your sexual sins to your spouse

Transparency is very important in marriage. Its characteristics include the confession of all sins that can offend the other partner. This is because when people enter into marriage, they make vows that bind one to be accountable to the other. They do so before God and the witnesses of the… Continue reading


The call for urgent restitution for all

Restitution is comprised in the act of repentance and it forms a very important part of it. Restitution is the act of returning, restoring and remaking things back to what they were before the instance that changed things. Restitution is done when biblical injustice has happened to the next person.… Continue reading


Why should everyone take the trouble of being a true Christian?

Being a Christian is a choice yet not an easy one as many may have declared. Before I give reasons for taking the trouble to become a Christian, I will first outline why I believe being a Christian is not easy. Christianity has some standards and failing to meet them… Continue reading