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The deception on healthy living and living longer

Healthy living is good and I believe God supports it as He surely is not happy when we are sick and suffering. This is reveal by Jesus when He healed a leaper. Read the article, ‘Jesus’ will for your health condition’.


Do not Leave your Rightful Position at Any Rate (Ecclesiastes 10: 4)

Do not leave the place or position that God has put you in, even when you are faced with perilous times. Your position is your job, marriage, works of service in church, etc. This applies to all people; young and old, popular or not, Pastors or not, rich or poor.… Continue reading


Encouraging Good Christian conduct at home and in the Community – 1 Corinthians 4:1

This being the first post of a long journey of preaching holiness to the world, it would be good to start with the expected Christian conduct from each of the believers as they interact with the world in all their circles and communities. Christians should be known by their conduct at… Continue reading