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The one top question to answer when you die

Even though answering questions after death does not change anything for the deceased, it remains a fact that some known answers will haunt those that rejected the truth while they lived in this world. The truth is one, ‘Jesus Christ’ as He himself declared so in John 14:6. At work… Continue reading


Faith has power to unlock the desired future, but don’t pay for it!

Faith is biblical and therefore does not change with times. It is a freely God given virtue that is open for use by any living person. Receive it from God at no cost. Before I define what faith is, I want to start by confirming that faith is real and… Continue reading


People are Hardly Impressed by your Christian Living

Working at impressing someone other than God is a useless toil. Whoever you may expect to tell good reports about your Christian life may not be really ready to give you the credit if asked to. People around us may applaud us for good conduct and impressive Christ like living… Continue reading