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Dreaming of dead loved ones, Rebuke that spirit

Whenever you dream of dead loved ones you must know that the devil is paying you a visit and he will take it from your reaction what he should do. The dead are gone and soon they are forgotten (Ecclesiastes 9:5). This verse confirms that they had their share of this life… Continue reading


To the one that says heaven and hell testimonies are a snare

There are so many testimonies of the revelations or spiritual visitations to heaven and hell in the internet. In fact the proper word to use to define the magnitude is ‘countless’. The internet is just one platform out of other countless published books, ebooks, audios and live sermons. So many… Continue reading


Encouraging Good Christian conduct at home and in the Community – 1 Corinthians 4:1

This being the first post of a long journey of preaching holiness to the world, it would be good to start with the expected Christian conduct from each of the believers as they interact with the world in all their circles and communities. Christians should be known by their conduct at… Continue reading