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The environment of God’s judgment

God’s judgment is coming to all the living. The dead already know about their position. The reason to worry over this is because the only instrument that shall be use is the Word as recorded in the Holy Bible. Therefore, not reading and doing what the Bible teaches has a… Continue reading


Why has Jesus not come back till now?

Since our forefathers lived, the message of Jesus’ second coming has been given urgency by those that share it yet it has not proven to be as urgent. This is what today’s generation could be saying. This would not be surprising because 2 Peter 3:4 forewarns us about such grumblings.… Continue reading


Attainment of Salvation is a Must

The word salvation comes from the word save. Christians claim to be saved but really is such salvation guaranteed? Not at all, only the ones that endure to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:23). Until then, nobody is saved yet it’s an acceptable claim to be saved because it… Continue reading