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I will give personal Christian counseling based on what the Bible says. My role is to help you overcome whatever is on your way but I am not ready to compromise the truth because nothing else but the truth will ever set a person free. I differ from most contemporary prophets particularly when is comes to success and prosperity. You may have to review some one my articles in this blog to get a feel of what type of counseling you may expect from me.

I have done Christian counseling on dealing with the loss of a loved one, relationships, becoming a Christian and how to walk the Christian walk. I believe that as I continue to grown since the time Jesus met me in 1989, I can give advise that will bring you closer to God while solving your challenges.

I’m flexible to use emails, WhatsApp and fiverr.com inbox. I can chat real time one-on-one if it is needed.

Please note that the intention is more to help than to earn money. Thus if you are not happy with my first interaction of 5 text messages, you may not pay me. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE SERVICE.

1. I do Translation service at FIVERR (click to view).

2. Other Gigs I do.
The write thing Project 365(2) Day 12
3. You may hire me to write an article on your chosen subject. I will not charge you for it if you allow me to post it in this blog. However, if you want to keep it for yourself or post it in your own website, you will have to leave a donation of your choice. Please keep it Christian.

I will following the guidelines below:

  • The post will be original, and not previously published anywhere on the internet. I can re-work something you’ve published on your blog or elsewhere, as long as you provide a link to the original source but please let this be your work.
  • I agree not to publish the completed post anywhere else except for this blog if you prefer or in your website / publication.
  • The post will be at least 300 words and at most 1000 words in length.

Please understand the work that it takes to write a blog post that is worth sharing with the world. I therefore may take up to 48 hours to come up with that post. I may not have to explain to you why I wrote the post the way I did, but I will let the Word of God support my view point.

I suggest you outline your request as follows:

  1.  Topic
  2. Keywords
  3. Target audience, that is, who do you think will benefit most from reading the post.
  4. Indicate if you will want to own the post or I may use it in this blog or elsewhere as I wish.
  5. Send the suggestions to: dubemusa@gmail.com. Give is the subject: ‘Holiness Advocate Article Suggestion’.

Believe, this will make me the happiest blogger in the world. Don’t you want to make my day? Please do!

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