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Answers to why people should not fear death

Death is dreaded for many yet those that have experienced it tell a different story about it. Why we fear death is because it is believed to be the one last thing that happens in life. Sadly, most of times when we see it happen it is accompanied by pain.… Continue reading


Imagining the death of a Christian – the case of Sifiso Ncwane

Death is often a sad instance to the remaining, no matter how prepared they may be but it is always unusual. Just yesterday, 5th December 2016, the world lost a gospel music icon Mr. Sifiso Ncwane to a short illness suspected to come from kidney failure. He was dear to… Continue reading


God said a Word and things Happened

When God speaks His Word all else obeys. Nothing can negotiate when God sends His instruction. Mind you, He never consults when He wants to do something. Whenever He says do something, just do it because He is God in control – all things to Him happen. Jonah of old… Continue reading