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Are we blessed to tithe or we tithe to be blessed?

Tithing is a subject of interest in church circles today. Often people would get teachings on it but still have questions as to whether people are still required to pay tithes as a command from God or it is no longer relevant under the new covenant. Those that pay it… Continue reading


When will God reward you for the tithes you pay?

There are a number of benefits in paying tithes, some of which we know and many we do not know. Later in the article I will share these benefits but allow me to start from a common understanding point of a logical person, which may even sound like favoring those… Continue reading


Jesus did command for tithing in the New Testament

You may have heard┬ámany pastors and preachers of the Word of God declaring that tithing is of the old covenant and therefore not applicable in our time. Even today there are still website owners that have and continue to publish their work disproving the paying of tithes. I also published… Continue reading