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Let them go to hell attitude – A message of encouragement to Christians

Who should go to hell? No one should but the truth is that hell happens to be the default destination for all people. Unless a person repents and follow the ways of Christ, they will wind up in hell. Christians know that the one who lives in this world and… Continue reading


To the one that says heaven and hell testimonies are a snare

There are so many testimonies of the revelations or spiritual visitations to heaven and hell in the internet. In fact the proper word to use to define the magnitude is ‘countless’. The internet is just one platform out of other countless published books, ebooks, audios and live sermons. So many… Continue reading


Jesus loves a cheerful recipient of blessings – Matthew 9:2, 22

It is amazing to learn that Jesus gives cheerfully, loves a cheerful giver and also encourages cheerful recipient of blessings. The aspect of cheerfully receiving is often overlooked yet it standouts as on of the behaviors Jesus encouraged in some cases where He blessed someone with healing. To be cheerful… Continue reading