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The wedding day Thief

thief in church stealing moneyOnce in a big city was a great wedding for a well-respected man. It is reported that all business activities were put on halt such that shops were closed so that people may attend the wedding. One rich fellow had planned to attend the wedding as well but had to withdraw a huge sum of money before banks close on that day. In the city, banks closed earlier on Saturday, the day of the wedding. This rich man put the money in the inside pocket of his jacket.

The route via the bank delayed the man such that he was late for the wedding and came at the peak of the event. He got so overwhelmed with proceedings such that he forgot about the money he has put in his jacket. Next to him was a young man that noticed the that the jacket was stuffed with some notes in the inside pocket. This young thief took chances and succeeded to steal the money without being noticed. now that the man is overwhelmed. This young man successfully stole the money.

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