The day I almost died and lessons learnt

It all started on Tuesday 16th April 2019 in the evening. It was not a dream or a vision but a moment of truth with the reality of death.

Just at about 1600 hrs, I felt some swelling in my throat and I thought it was a minor infection that would go away from taking over the counter medication. Unfortunately for me, the sore grew so aggressive such that it warranted a visit to the hospital. I had to go to hospital to get professional medical attention that very night. When I got to see the doctor, I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. The doctor made me chose between taking my medication in form of an injection or tablets and I chose tablets. I believe that was a wrong choice because the sickness didn’t respond well until a drip was administered to me the following morning.

I’m thankful to God that in 5 days I feel so well such that I believe I’m fine. Nevertheless, I have lessons to share which I learnt while this sickness was torturing me. I will share the lessons in no particular order.

Lesson # 1:

We should be ready to meet our God because Jesus may return any time not because we are about to die. The moment you see death coming, surely you will then want to prepare yourself to meet your God yet by then it often is too late. I’m sure God knows what you would want to do in that position. I discovered that when you try to prepare yourself yet you were stubborn all the time you were not under death threats, it becomes difficult in the spiritual realm. Things that you could have corrected while you had the time just block the way between you and God. It is as if God proves to you that He is not a fool that you would ignore Him all the time things were going on right with you and only recognize Him when death threatens you. Indeed the Bible teaches us that God cannot be fooled (Galatians 6:7).

Lesson # 2:

There is a mental struggle on the physical energy to shift the focus from the sickness to the spiritual. It sounds stupid but that’s what I felt. When you repent and you want to be sincere because you know its probably your last chance to do it and you want to do it right, you need a lot energy and a stable mind. It is the same God you have to make right from whom you should request the energy to repent. True repentance goes further than confessing with your mount but it must involve change of mind. Basically, one needs some time to repent. Don’t you know that the one who repents should practice righteous and holiness living? I know that many Christians then quote the case of the criminal on the cross who received his salvation right there on the cross.

Lesson # 3:

The commitment you make to God can be judged even before you fulfill them. When you repent on something, say you repent from immodest dressing which you continued on even when the spirit within condemned it, God knows for a fact whether you would have continued with it or not if your life was to be extended. God is foreknowing and cannot be tricked into believing something that would have not realized.

Lesson # 4:

It may all be stupid in the eyes of man what you can resolve after the experience because according to 1 Corinthians 1:18, the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. One of the things God had been speaking to me about was to forgive and forgo my money with another brother who had taken some of my money having promised to return it with interest to me. It is about 6 years now and this brother has not even repaid a single cent. I believe I had forgave this brother but God’s spirit in me questioned why I didn’t tell him so and let go the money. This I did and forgo my +ZAR 19, 000.


My advise is that you should work at preparing yourself to meet your God daily. Do it without considering tomorrow. Not only because tomorrow may not come but also because even when you see death coming, you might not get the chance to make right with God.

I encourage you to do what the Bible teaches. The Holy Spirit is there to help you all the way like He did and continues to do with me.

May God bless you.

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