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Why we believe that the Bible is God’s word

The Bible has long been declared to be the infallible word of God by those that have gone before us and we have adopted that as a true declaration. I have been sensitized to write this post after having watched a video on YouTube where someone is giving his reasons why he quit Christianity. Many people that responded to his video agree to his views that the Bible is not the word of God. I felt compelled to respond and I do want to share my position on this matter again in this post.


Personal proof

The Bible does not originate in Africa where I live but I have confidence that it is the real word of God. On the contrary, my ancestors practiced a lot of magic and some of our people still do even today. As a matter of fact, my grandfather was a traditional healer and used some of the African magic concoctions to treat his patients. My resistance to these African magic practices, its conditions and requirements helped me prove that the greatest power is that which the Bible talks about. True to my expectations, the greatest power should be one that comes from God.



Testimonies form a bigger part of evidence to the infallibility of the word of God. This is a fundamental issue to life and I encourage every reader take the trouble to search for the truth in this. The best way is to pray to God for a sign that will convince you personally, yet searching for relevant testimonies remain a valid option.

There are a lot of testimonies on almost any related subjects that are posted online daily in almost every format that exists. Yours is to do a search and get to learn on what others are saying about the Bible. I have watched a lot of testimonies in YouTube about the reality of God. My favorites have been the revelations of the afterlife given to Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists and non-believers. It always is interesting to hear the truth from a former direct Christian rebel. These are the people that tell you reasons why they did not believe in Christianity and how they got conviction that it is the one true religion.

Someone may ask as to how do we know if these testimonies are true. This is a valid concern because there are fake or even devil given revelations. The best way is to have your Bible very close to you and cross reference what you learn with it. However, I also tend to believe confessions that are similar with a number of such testimonies. Just as an example, I know that there is a mighty wind that sends people to hell if they do not meet the required pureness of heart when they die. I also know that judgment is based on how a person lived his or her life, not on what others did to him or her.


Recommended testimonies

I like Bill Weise’s testimonies as much as he got a revelation when he already was a Christian. One of his testimonies give a clear justification of why the Bible takes the position of being the word of God. As you take time to go through the testimonies, you will get to know that the same Bible applies is Heaven and it will be the one used when God judged the world.

Abraham Yakubu was also a Christian when he was involved in an accident that took his life. What he says about the afterlife will open your eyes into the mighty judgment of God. I also like Victoria Nehale, Ian McCormack and many others.


My concluding words

It is not for me to convince you on what the truth is but the Holy Spirit’s. I have done my part and will be continuing to pray for my readers to believe the message of God. It is not much about what I write to lead you to the truth but what you get to realize the God of Christians.

Be blessed.

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