Your call for the Few Remaining Days of Your Life

Your Call from the LORD

Your Call from the LORD

The years you to live are few, even if you may live 70 years from today. Life in this world is short and if you are lucky, you will make it for up to a total of 100 years. Soon you will be out of the body and face eternity in one of two places; in torment or in joy. The key to determining your destiny after death is what you do in the few years remaining, counting from now.

I have been exposed and watched a multiple episode TV programme known as ‘1000 ways to die’. Fortunately, the 1000 methods are covered in this web site ‘…’. This programme is evidence of that no one knows when and how they will die. Many die young when they thought it was time to explore life. Most of these death cases are attempts for new methods of escalating sin to a higher level and several are human carelessness. Many therefore die and go straight to hell.

All I’m interested in is promoting a life that will inherit Heaven after death. What you do makes up for where you will spend your eternity. I have had a good read on the book by Bruce Wilkinson entitled ‘A life that God rewards’. Bruce’s focus is on life after death rewards and treasures. Jesus Christ hits the nail when He says in Revelations 22: 12, ‘And behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his work’. The time to work for the reward Jesus Christ is talking about is the few days, years if you are lucky, you have before your time is up. It is unfortunate that for all of us, their time will come to an end too soon than we may think.

I implore you to consult your inner spirit of what you can do for the Kingdom of God in the few days you have in this world. Work at living a life that touches and influences a change for Jesus Christ. For questions, you may like to drop a question on the ‘Ask a Mentor’ page in the top navigation.

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