Charity Organizations Owe Giving an Account to God

Charity accountabilityCharity is a good thing and giving to charity organizations is good. However, leaders and owners of such organizations are answerable to the public, donators as well as God Himself. The leaders / owners may go away with abusing the funds with people but not with God.

An example would get my point through. In Swaziland, there is a popular charity programme known as ‘Makhelwane Simbona Ngetento’. This programme is run by a local Gospel musician known as ‘Mduduzi Nezinceku Zamagawugawu’ on the local television channel ‘Swazi TV’. I pick this programme because I know the host has testified to be a Christian and this blog is Christian based and therefore no conflict of interest is anticipated.

The host goes has publicised a cell phone contact and a Facebook page where people may detail their need for assistance in line with charity work. People that feature normally include victims of unusual sickness, poverty stricken households, natural disasters, black magic tragedies and desperate individual or family situations. The public is therefore encouraged to give alms of any sort including food, clothes, shelter, funding for medical help, and many more.

In this particular case, whoever owns the charity must know that they are not only answerable to the public but to God as well. It is unfortunate that those charity owners that abuse alms or use them for personal gain have their portion in hell as a reward for their deeds. Therefore, whoever runs a charity must guard his / her soul not to sin against God.

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