Holiness Costs me Computer Programmes

Posted on June 10, 2011 by muser

If your holiness doesn’t cost you a thing, I guess you haven’t started. My laptop and two desktops had commonly used programmes – CorelDraw X3 and MS Office – that I had not acquired the right way and had to be uninstalled.

A lady from a Chinese shop sold me MS Professional 2003 for ZA R 10 (US $ 1.10) and it was a good deal. That was sometime in 2008 and I installed in all three units – too bad for a holiness advocate. CorelDraw was received from a church mate that works for a printing shop – free of charge. Today the Holy Spirit convince me that such things may seem small sins but the can stop me from entering heaven.  The principle is to buy whatever is for sale and never pirate software.

Good free alternatives I found online are OpenOffice.org for MS Office and Inscape for CorelDraw. These too work as perfectly as you’d want the pirated ones do. Why then risk losing heaven, or worse burning in hell if there are options that will leave you no worse off? Think about it before your time is up.

I hope you now can realize the standard God desires from us. I know I’m nowhere near perfection, but I strive for holiness and it costs me some things. Peace engulfs me each time I do right, try it and experience for yourself.

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  1. dennis says:

    Wow, it is amazing what trying to be right in the eyes of God can cost us.

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